Western Reserve Energy Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Western Reserve Energy Services?
We are an alternative electric energy supplier based in Ohio serving Midwestern markets.

What are the elements of my electric service?
Generation – obtaining power from traditional (hydro, coal, gas, nuclear) and non-traditional (wind, solar, etc) plants and buying power at competitive prices on the open market

Transmission—moving power from generation sources to the local utility distribution systemDistribution—delivering reliable power to your business

How have states changed electric supply opportunities?  
Now with deregulation the states allow alternative electric suppliers to offer more, often lower cost, choices.

Is my electric service still equally reliable if I switch to an alternative energy supplier?
No matter who supplies the power your local utility is required to maintain reliable service and to treat all customers equally. Also deregulation does not mean no regulation because state and federal energy authorities continue to regulate the entire industry including alternative energy providers.  

How does a deregulated market benefit the consumer?
Deregulation opens up the energy market to competition and allows businesses to take control of their energy costs. Low overhead alternative energy suppliers like WRES can shop aggressively for power and offer customized rates in order to lower energy costs.

Will there be any fees to switch?
WRES will not charge any switching fees,  and  there will be no other switching fees unless you are under an existing contract which provides cancellation fees or other penalties.

Who do I call for a power outage or service emergency?
Your local utility, as now, remains responsible for safe reliable distribution lines. So you will continue to contact your local utility for delivery issues.

What about renewable energy?
It is not practicable with current technology in the electric industry to assure Green power sources minute by minute. However wind and solar energy are a part of the power mix for WRES and our commitment to green energy will increase over time.

How do I get a quote from WRES for my business?
Call us at 855-WRENERGY or follow easy steps at www.wrenergy.biz.

How long does it take to switch?
Once you authorize the switch WRES will manage the transition and your new rates will begin in 1 to 2 billing cycles depending on your utility’s meter read dates.

How does billing work?
Each state decides the billing process for its alternative energy customers but generally we will bill on your electric company’s bill. Other options may be available for larger customers.

How much can I reduce my monthly electric bill?
Get your WRES quote now to know your savings.